to the home of the Tulsa Arnis Club. We offer self defense for the Modern World as taught through the arts of Arnis de Mano. Throughout history, the Philippine Islands have been fought over by countless invaders including the Spanish, the Americans and the Japanese. They have been influenced by Indonesian pirates, Chinese priest, Western Missionaries, and Warriors from across the globe. The system of Kombatan Arnis, as developed by Ernesto Presas, is a synthesis of the systems of Arnis/Kali/Escrima from across the islands and encompasses all ranges of fighting. The student is taught so that movements are not limited to the weapon that you wield, but so that each technique may be applied regardless of the situation, the weapon, or the lack of a weapon. The student evolves into well rounded individual who avoids fighting, but if it comes to them, they react with blinding speed and accuracy, regardless of the method of attack or the environment surrounding them, to reach the ultimate goal, to again be peaceful, free from danger, and return home to their families each night, alive and safe.

"Seek to preserve the ways
Avoid rather than check
Check rather than harm
Harm rather than maim
Maim rather than kill
For all life is precious
And none can be replaced."
-Kung Fu TV Series